Our Menu


Aside from our daily offerings of morning baked cupcakes, we offer a variety of flavors to choose from in our time tested and ever popular menu of flavors. Tailored made my Jeseca herself, all of these flavors are available to all our cakes from cupcakes, to birthday cakes, cake pops, and wedding cakes. Though even here is not all we offer, come by our bakery to check out new experimental flavors we roll out every week that may join our permanent menu.

Jeseca's Signature: Indulge your senses into the dark, multi-layered, moist chocolate cake, using the finest French cream, fresh raspberries, and dark chocolate ganache. 

Mint Chocolate Chip: Recreating the ice-cream lovers' favorite. Chocolate cake filled with mint chips and mint chocolate cream. Peppermint chips seasonal*

 Love Potion: Love is brewing in this chocolate cake coupled with fresh strawberries, chocolate ganache, and chocolate cream. 

 Tropical Lychee: Sweet, tropical and just the right hint of tartness in this exotic white cake filled with fresh strawberries, mangos, and lychee cream.

Piña Colada: Coconut cake soaked with the very finest rum, and filled with pineapple and piña colada cream. 

Marble Macadamia: White and chocolate marble cake filled with white chocolate macadamia cream and fresh strawberries.  

Strawberry Shortcake: Sweet fresh strawberries embedded in French butter cream and white cake. A refreshing blend for any season!

Neapolitan: Recreating another popular ice-cream lovers’ favorite. A strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate marble cake paired with our French vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache. 

Ferrero Rocher: Our rich Noisettes hazelnut cream paired with chocolate cake and a special crunch to complete this decedent combination.

Cookies N’ Cream: Our yummy cookies n’ cream flavored cream with a white and chocolate marble cake is an instant hit with the kids!

Authentic Southern Red Velvet: Extra-moist, red velvet cake with a secret cream cheese recipe. 

Moulin Rouge: A twist on our popular authentic southern red velvet! Red velvet and white cake marble with chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting. 

Meyer Lemon: White cake with a light lemon cream made from fresh Meyer lemons. 

Mango Passion: A tropical delight infusion of fresh mangos and fresh strawberries paired with passion fruit cream and white cake. 

Orange Grand Marnier: Light vanilla cake paired with our divine Orange Grand Marnier cream and smooth dark chocolate ganache. 

Raspberry Chambord: Illuminating taste of raspberry Chambord cream, white cake, and fresh raspberries

Tiramisu: Light coffee cake with tiramisu cream.